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About Greenhouse Financial, LLC

Who is Greenhouse Financial?

Greenhouse Financial, LLC is a financial firm providing consulting advice and solutions to banks, financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. Our work often results in the placement of life insurance coverage. GHF also acts as the long-term administrator of these coverages and coordinates all administrative functions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and enlighten financial institutions about life insurance and its role in meeting strategic objectives. Our products have been designed specifically for the banking industry. Our business exists to help discover innovative ways financial institutions can utilize these products to increase total earnings and executives' incentives and cost recovery.

What Services Does Greenhouse Financial Provide?

Greenhouse Financial's services include:

  • Plan design
  • Enrollment
  • Employee customer service
  • Insurance carrier interface
  • Administration
  • Verification of carrier policy values
  • Annual reviews
  • Strategy analysis for optimal financial objectives
  • Accounting support
  • Compliance record keeping
  • On-going analysis and counsel

GHF - The Big Picture

The roof in our logo symbolizes the strength and support our partnerships bring to GHF. We are deep in experience and expertise. Our stability can only be understood by understanding the relationship we have with our strategic partners. They are able to provide their own special area of expertise. This allows us to provide unparalleled service and support in the most cost efficient manner possible. Feel free to interview any member of the GHF team. We believe you will agree we have assembled an unbeatable team of professionals to meet your every need in the areas of employee benefits, succession planning and financial performance for your company.

The strength of GHF is much more than its employee list, its history is much longer than the history of Greenhouse Financial, LLC. The GHF team draws on a much deeper roster of talent with a long history in the financial industry. GHF often compares its profile and business model to those of the community banks it serves. Like the community banks and their strategic partners, our strategic partners provide GHF with the strength and depth we need to offer more for the client than the company would be able to provide on its own. Also like the community banks, the cornerstone of our business is customer service.

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